Asia Buys Anything

Asia Buys Anything

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26/12/2014. Pictured at The Brown Thomas Winter Sale. Doors opened at 9AM St Stephen's Day with amazing reductions of up to 60percent. Pictured are shopers as they browse through goods in Brown Thomas in Dublin. Photo: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

Asia has over 4.427 billion people roaming on the on earth.You still have nothing to loose if you sell even the least unmarketerble product. Why do big companies there collapse in such a highly populated area with huge enomonic prospects?
Let’s scale it down to having the interest to start your own business in such an area where there is still growing passion for western goods and brands but there is equally a strong patriotic and local desire for their own native products.

You first of all will have to descern to the ground and be part of them. I mean their language. Chinese natives will easily smile at you if you sound like them.

Selling through local agents is better but could cost you since there could be counterfeit productions in large quantities without your knowledge.

Poverty in Asia.
Poverty in Asia.


Various marketing thoeries including the Upsala madel exist but in this age of information-flow and technological advancement, customers have more than enough to choose from. The conpetition in Asia has been very much keen than before. Of cause you do not want to compete with the big multinational companies.
Just have to adopt a good penetration strategy. Just start slowly with the approach bellow.
There is a new trend if you wish to make your butty in Asia.
Asian online market population keeps growing higher and higher. Over 1,622,084,293 asians are awake every second either having fun or looking for something to buy . Your books, shoes, juice, new wine, music, sunglasses and anything can get a glant or be bought by just a click from Asia. It is reported that over $600,000,000 worth of transactions pass through alone and this is just one  online business portal. As a growing entrepreneur or business entity, your resolution for this year I believe should include expanding to capture the opportunities that awiate you in this market with an online approach.
We have to your advantage a more comprehensive and effective manual for the middle-class workers, students, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Importers and Exporters worldwide who target the Asian markets. It brings out the factors and secrets of successful millionaires in Asia and gives guidelines for fruitful international trade. This book is recommended also for any entity wanting to excel in the import and export business.




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