Best Way To View Success

Best Way To View Success

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In My interview with an accomplished young woman from one of the most respected legal firms in the UK, she claimed to have been through years of disappointments and setbacks and she even couldn’t believe herself to have made it that great in her career.

“What really kept you going”? I asked. ” Hmmmmmm” she sighed.” I am sure it was the several uncountable number of failed attempts in almost everything I wanted to do.  My own siblings were very certain I would just be lucky to marry since I was in my late 30s. I couldn’t put myself together and felt rejected though no friend had told me straight in my face”.

She almost shed tears but am sure it would have been tears of joy then. Life is not when all things go well as planned but it’s when you have to fix , start all over, fix, keep fixing until they see you tranformed.

“If plant ‘A’ doesn’t work, your Plan ‘B’ must be to fix Plan ‘A'” she said. She applied this principle to everything she does hence her present situation. The conversation became more and more interesting  since I knew she have more to share.

There is no excuse and even if there is, who cares? ” Take the bull by the horn and move. Just bear in mind its not going to be easy so you don’t get surprised or disappointed.

So I asked ” what did you really do to sustain yourself financially ?”

“Well I did anything legal. I used to work at midnight for this bad woman but I knew it wasn’t going to be my permanent place. One thing about life is you don’t have to consider your present situation but just focus on where you are going. This ideology gave me hope.I could go hungry for days though and wouldnt have been a waiter serving ladies I was prettier than . hhaha.” But I had to do that to pay my fees and rent .

There are many examples of success stories in the world so I had to motivate myself all day and just ensure I was on track. If we have female billionaires like Operah, why can’t I?” unless I decide not to but I am married anyways”

“who would you say has really helped you be who you are now?”

She said ” God first and anyone I came in contact with. I  have had many disappointments but I am sure I needed those. I am now tougher, smarter and better than before”

These were her last word as we walked by the sea at 5:45 pm  ” success is a journey and you have your own definition of success. It’s only a process so take it slowly. The very best will surely come to you no matter that. Apply the law of Karma and be good to all”

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