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simple tipstime management

Time management made simple.
Get the most out of your limited time. This is no joke especially in this fast moving world of adventure.

In reality, “no one has time, but we make time” for anything we feel has value for us.
We can attain the best out of our limited time though, by taking these steps.

1. Redefining your priorities.
Your time is controlled by your personal goals, family and community.
It is best to know therefore where and what to choose to do at any given moment so as to remain happy and relieved after any action.

Clearly defining your priorities and association can increase your happiness, reduce stress, save you money and even increase your lifespan.
As we move up on the ladder of life, we are confronted by many challenges which may even seem beyond our control. But the truth is, we are a result of what we chose to do with our precious time.

A simple daily analyses of where you have been in a month can give a good insight of your average gains and losses with respect to time.
Apart from your job and few hours of sleep, where else do you go?

You know too well the useless time you spend on social media which for years has only cost you money to stay online. Many of us fall victim to this. It is not so bad but social media has millions of opportunities one can fall on . Just find out.
2. Put to action your choices.
So after you map out and struck out any action you consider a waste of time, look out for new ways and areas to reinvest your time. You may need more time for your family at home than spend with friends outside after work.

3. Association is key.
We are defined and shaped by our association consciously on unconsciously. In fact you are likely to be a good and smart personality if you are engulfed by many smart dudes. Obviously, you can be the laziest and dumb person if you are surrounded by equally lazy people. You should always bear in my that “TIME IS MONEY”
Make new friends but be sure to have as many smart ones. That’s keeps you in check.

Thanks for using your Time wisely by reading this piece.

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